Classes, Workshops, Tutoring, and Coaching

Philology spoken here!

Philology means love of words. As a word lover, I teach on many topics related to words and language.

  • Respectful poetry workshops. We learn to listen closely to each other’s work, appreciate what’s working, sense the inner rhythms of the poem, and offer respectful suggestions on how to make it work better.
  • Fiction. Fiction workshops include workshops on character development using tools you’d never expect to see in a writing workshop; plot development; NaNoWriMo preparation, and editing.
  • Essay writing. Of late, I’ve been helping my daughter with this, and can she write a mean essay!! I have also had the pleasure of teaching others, and chances are good that I’ll be able to help you as well.
  • Editing. I’ve been working as an editor for decades, and can share tricks of the trade with you.
  • I like to teach grammar by looking at as many languages as we can muster. Grammar makes more sense when we look at it in the context of real sentences and compare the different ways that various languages convey the same meaning. We’ll diagram the same sentence using two different systems and whatever languages make sense for our group.
  • Languages. I have experience teaching Russian, Latin, and Hebrew.
  • Coaching. Do you need help and encouragement to finish your dissertation or other opus magnum? Get in touch!


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