My experience in lexicography includes both traditional and computational lexicons and dictionaries, English and bilingual dictionaries, both specialized and general dictionaries, glossaries, and thesauruses. I have written and edited definitions and parts of speech, and edited pronunciations and etymologies. I have done consultation work for Merriam Webster and served as associate editor for the American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd ed. I have also done more specialized lexicographic work, including writing a glossary of herbalism terms and the glossary of a geology textbook as well as working Houghton Mifflin’s Dictionary of Computer Words. Other semantic fields in which I have done lexicographic work include religion (specifically both Judaism and Islam), pharmaceutical terms, business, and wine. Some of these are areas about which I knew little to nothing before plunging into the work, but I enjoy learning about new areas. My work in computational lexicography has involved developing semantic hierarchies and ontologies as well as acquiring vocabulary to populate them.